mardi 15 mai 2012

My Dream!

" everybody  can share thoughts hopes, need, dreams,fears and learn about others cultures and traditions so we'll be able to understand each other because after all you are JUST ONE OF 7 BILLION."

I have a dream, a dream i've been having for a while
I dream of a beautiful world
I dream of clean sea
I dream of a bright sky and the clouds drawing happy faces and smilling at me
I dream of a cool wind takes the tears of yesterday
I dream of a world with No pain No blood and no fears
I dream of a world where you can be happy in every moment of everyday
My dream may seem far from the reach today
but tomorrow may bring hope in his way
and just.............................
Now, listen close, the future calls

"Build your bridges and tear down walls! "

For time has taught and so it seems

Realities are born of DREAMS

Todd-Michael St. Pierre ""

That's my dream 

What's yours?

Everything you can imagine is real.” 

samedi 12 mai 2012


"Growing up i always had to work hard to prove myself so people will start believing in me and that had taught me to stand up, speak up and fight for the things i believe in
 where i come from it's hard to be yourself and even harder to dream but i'm facing that and i will achieve because i'm unique i was born to be me 
My name is Nacera I'm 19 years old  and i am OneOf7Billion."



"Look for yourself inside of you   
You are OneOf7Billion and you should be proud to be on earth because you had the chance that a lot of creatures did have you were chosen to be yourself "

 Be yourself and be proud to be OneOf7billion others on earth that's a way to help our world

 "more than one personality is too    much for one soul"_NaceB.